Adaptive Reuse or Opportunity Zone Top Individuals or Companies

  • Best Adaptive Reuse Individual - Devin S. James, Refurban Memphis LLC
  • Best Utilization of Adaptive Reuse by a CRE Firm - JK Equities
  • Opportunity Zone Investor of the Year - RevOZ Capital

Commercial Project (Private, For-profit)

  • Best Strategic Design for a Commercial Project – Hotel Trundle - Powell Furniture Store (Location: Columbia, SC)
  • Commercial Project Transformation of the Year – Piazza Pod Park (Location: Philadelphia)
  • Most Disruptive Reuse of Historic Abandoned Property – Refurban Memphis LLC (Location: Memphis, TN)
  • Best Commercial Project Repurpose – Waikiki Village Motel (Location: Myrtle Beach, SC)

Economic Revitalization

  • Best Economic Restoration of a Neighborhood's Former Glory - Georgia Avenue (Location: Atlanta)
  • Best Economic Repositioning and Revitalization - Kurt Westfield / Seaside Lofts (Location: Titusville, FL)
  • Best Economic Revitalization of a Neglected Building - Interface HQ (Location: Atlanta)
  • Top Economic Revitalization and Social Impact - Marina Square (Location: Bremerton, WA)

Historical Preservation

  • Best Merging of Past and Future in a Historic Property - Evanston Court (Location: Pasadena, CA)
  • Best Upside Realization of a Historic Building - Palihotel Seattle (Location: Seattle)
  • Best Repositioning of a Historical Building - The Department Building (Location: Atlanta)
  • Best Realization of Upside Potential in a Historical Building - The Pizitz (Location: Birmingham, AL)

Innovative Reuse of Abandoned Space

  • Most Thoughtful Repositioning of Abandoned Space - Hotel Indigo-Pepper Building (Location: Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Best Innovative Reuse of Abandoned Space - The Irvine (Location: Philadelphia)
  • Most Impactful Restructuring of an Abandoned Space - The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach (Location: Miami)

Opportunity Zone Projects

  • Opportunity Zone Project of the Year - City Market at O (Location: Washington, DC)
  • Best Community Focused Opportunity Zone Project - Hamilton Court (Location: Philadelphia)
  • Most Complex Execution in an Opportunity Zone Project - Hampton Park (Location: Capital Heights, MD)
  • Best Opportunity Zone Redevelopment - Kern’s Bakery Redevelopment (Location: Knoxville, TN)

Overall Design

  • Most Thoughtful and Unique Project Design - 712 S Olive & 410 W 7th (Location: Los Angeles)
  • Best Removal of Hazardous Material at a Commercial Project - Empire Improvement Building (Location: Cleveland, OH)
  • Best Overall Design Conversion - The Atlantic (Location: Philadelphia)
  • Best Value-Add Redesign Project - Thirteen 21 Lofts – Owen Building (Location: Columbia, SC)

Overall Transformation

  • Most Mindful Overall Transformation - 10 Grand Central (Location: New York City)
  • Most Strategic Redesign of a Commercial Property - 3420 Bristol (Location: Costa Mesa, CA)
  • Leading Overall Transformation and Community Impact - Edison Village (Location: West Orange, NJ)
  • Most Innovative Rebranding of a Historic Facility - The Factory (Location: Bethlehem, PA)
  • Best Integration of a Building's Integrity - The Trust Building (Location: Los Angeles)
  • Overall Transformation of the Year - Union Station Great Hall (Location: Chicago)