Capital Markets Update and Implications for What's Next
Date & Time
Thursday, April 4, 2019, 1:35 PM - 2:25 PM
Mark Maughan Elyssa McMullen Kyle Gore Gore Ralph Cram Tivon Moffitt Gary Chou Thomas Zarrilli
Investors have always looked to the net lease sector to provide much-needed stability during uncertain economic times. A quick recap of 2018 show net lease performed well overall. While demand for assets in the net lease sector remains strong, will the pressure on cap rates from the increase in treasury yields impact this sector’s staying power? Will this sector continue to reign in 2019?
Mark Maughan, Head of Net Lease Investments - Sundance Bay
Gary Chou, SVP & Senior Director - Matthews Real Estate Investment Services
Ralph Cram, President & Manager - Envoy Net Lease Partners
Kyle Gore, Managing Director & Principal - CGA Capital
Elyssa McMullen, SVP, Lease Finance Group - Prudential Capital Group
Tivon Moffitt, Senior Vice President - JLL
Thomas Zarrilli, Managing Director - CTL Capital LLC