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Despite being one of the hardest-hit sectors in the commercial property field, retail real estate has been undergoing a healthy renaissance for the past several years. To be sure, the resurgence is as much in response to economic headwinds as it is to the shifting forces of consumer preferences and the natural evolution of the industry.

Developers, investors and municipalities alike are taking the opportunity to revitalize communities and dated properties. Sleepy corridors are being reenergized with carefully curated tenant mixes, placemaking has become the rage as mixed-use centers try to spark an urban feel and, in many areas, vacant centers are getting a second chance at life through new and creative uses.

Of course, none of this could happen without the efforts of the skilled and resourceful individuals and organizations who own, operate, market and manage these assets. Through ingenuity, efficiency and determination, these professionals have helped to shape the retail real estate industry, and continue to further innovation in the field.

As such, Real Estate Forum is once again recognizing the most notable names in the retail real estate community. From developers, investors and tenants to brokers, managers and consultants, these are the individuals, teams and companies who have had a recognizable and significant impact on the business. Be it through their contributions to the industry, the vast successes they’ve racked up in completing deals and projects, or the innovations and best practices they’ve introduced to the business, these are Commercial Real Estate’s RETAIL INFLUENCERS.

Deadline Extended to Friday, March 29

We will accept submissions as long as the form remains open.
For inquiries about this nomination or the selection process that are not addressed here or FAQs page, contact Sule Aygoren, editor-in-chief.

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What You Need to Know

  • You may nominate individuals, teams or organizations. If submitting individuals, no more than 5 nominees per company. If submitting a team or company, please include only the names and titles of its leaders and key members. We encourage you to limit your entries to nominees who have made indelible and lasting impacts on the business.
  • All nominations must include a color headshot. Files must be minimum 300 dpi file in .jpg format. If you are unable to submit a photo, you will have the opportunity to do so upon notification of selection.
  • For preparation purposes only, a copy of the nomination form is  available for download here . However, all final entries must be electronically submitted via this form (e-mail and fax are not acceptable). Late or incomplete entries will not be considered.
  • Because this form automatically times out after a period of inactivity, we highly suggest you have all your information on hand before you start. You should fill out the prep form (see above link to download) and copy and paste your responses.
  • We encourage you to review our FAQs page for further details.

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