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CRE’s Most Influential Educational Programs

Within the commercial real estate industry, there are a myriad of resources available to individuals looking to further their skillsets. Either before entering the job market or while working within the field, many of today’s successful industry leaders have experienced the immense benefits of earning degrees and/or certifications through commercial real estate programs at colleges, universities and industry organizations.

Though commercial real estate-specific degrees and certifications were not previously widely available, such programs have grown in popularity in recent years. More and more young professionals are entering the job market with formal commercial real estate educations, and many established professionals are returning to school to earn commercial real estate certifications.

For individuals that aim to master both the basics and complexities of the industry, while honing in their skills through deeper education, there are numerous beneficial, educational programs that colleges, universities and organizations now offer. Bestowing various degrees and certifications, such programs educate individuals through a myriad of courses, real life experience, applied knowledge, problem solving, group projects, internship opportunities and more. These programs train future industry leaders for the opportunities and challenges of commercial real estate.

For many years now, as a trusted source of insight into the commercial real estate community, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum has covered career advice for young industry professionals through articles, panels, Q&A’s, networking groups and more, in effort to prepare and benefit the next generation of industry leaders. Building upon this insight, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is conducting its inaugural CRE's Most Influential Educational Programs recognition, which will highlight valued, influential programs that have affected countless professionals today.

In effort to provide our readers with a list of exemplary educational offerings, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is collecting submissions for respected commercial real estate programs. We aim to shine a light on the most beneficial opportunities within the space, in hopes that individuals can gain insight in order to commence thriving careers in commercial real estate. Whether you know of a worthy program from personal experience or second-hand knowledge, we invite you to nominate an esteemed program for GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum’s new recognition, CRE’s Most Influential Educational Programs of 2022.

The nomination deadline is Monday, March 7, 2022

We will accept submissions as long as the form remains open.

What You Need to Know

  • This series is open to colleges, universities and industry organizations that offer commercial real estate degrees and/or certifications through educational programs.
  • We ask that all nominations be completed by a program official (i.e. department head or faculty member), in order to ensure accurate, approved information.
  • This recognition is not intended to serve as a ranking of the largest educational CRE programs, but rather aims to identify the most beneficial and valued programs for industry professionals, regardless of size.
  • Submitters will have the opportunity to collect and share testimonials from program professors and/or students, if desired. For preparation purposes only, submitters may utilize the downloadable nomination form found on the series' FAQs page.
  • Final entries must be submitted via the Nominate Now webpage (e-mail and fax are not acceptable). Late entries will not be considered.

For inquiries about this recognition, that are not addressed here or on the FAQs page, contact Ingrid Tunberg.

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