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Influencers in HEALTHCARE 2019

Interest in healthcare real estate is increasing nearly as fast as the industry itself is growing. With investors doubling down, patient numbers on the rise, and healthcare providers getting more and more creative and adding technology to the mix, there has never been more of an interest in the asset class than there is today.

In that spirit, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is looking to shine a spotlight on the people and firms who have helped to shape the healthcare real estate market and continue to drive its spectacular performance. The next installment of our Influencers series will profile not only the pioneers who have made an impact with their individual efforts, but also teams and entire organizations who have become critical to the industry.

The power of influence is vast, and influencers yield such clout that they are able to effect change through direct and, more often than not, indirect action. These are the individuals, teams and companies that have had a recognizable and significant impact on the business. Be it through their contributions to the industry, the vast successes they’ve racked up in completing deals and projects, or the innovations and best practices they’ve introduced to the business, these are Commercial Real Estate’s INFLUENCERS in Healthcare Real Estate.

Deadline is September 6, 2019

We will accept submissions as long as the form remains open.
For inquiries about this nomination or the selection process that are not addressed here or FAQs page, contact Ingrid Tunberg, Editorial Coordinator.

What You Need to Know

  • You may nominate individuals, teams or organizations. If submitting individuals, no more than 5 nominees per company. If submitting a team or company, please include only the names and titles of its leaders and key members. We encourage you to limit your entries to nominees who have made indelible and lasting impacts on the business.
  • We encourage you to review our FAQs page for further details.

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