Full Name
Roger Sanchez
Job Title
Managing Director
Uncomn Projects
Speaker Bio
Roger Sanchez is the Founding Partner of Uncomn Projects (pronounced “Uncommon Projects”), a branding, integrated marketing, and consulting firm focused on multifamily and commercial real estate projects. Roger manages the creative, marketing, and advertising teams, and oversees the business strategy.

Founded in 2017, and on track to generate $3 Million in revenues in 2019, Uncomn is applying the concepts and strategies of consumer branding and marketing to the commercial real estate industry through a consumer-first approach. Uncomn activates the brand by working with the developer, architect, and interior designers to apply the brand identity to the project, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic and feel. From there, the brand story is used to craft the project’s online presence, developing the website, advertising creative, social media, and other digital marketing strategies. The goal is to achieve consistency across all touchpoints. Uncomn also provides events programming and tenant services to increase engagement and retention. We are placemakers.

lients include major developers, such as Mack Real Estate Group and Lowe Enterprises, and private equity firms, including The Carlyle Group and Rockwood Capital. Our work drives leasing, absorption, and retention.
Roger Sanchez