June 16, 2021

June 17, 2021

8:55 AM - 9:00 AM  |  Opening Remarks & Industry Update by GlobeSt

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM  |  Keynote: Thriving Through Times of Disruption: Driving Sustainable Growth in the Net Lease Sector

On the heels of what most would consider one of the most disruptive years in recent history, many industries have emerged with a new sense of determination to build a sustainable growth strategy for 2021. In the opening session of Net Lease Spring, we will explore the unique opportunity to drive growth in a post covid era and discuss navigating the future of deal-making that provides sustainable value to all key players. 

Session takeaways: 

  • Examining the impact of 2020, where do we go from here?
  • Driving long-term sustainable value to all stakeholders
  • Building industry resilience and agility through disruption


Speaker: Revathi Greenwood, Global Head of Data and Insights, Cushman and Wakefield

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM  |  Panel: The State of Industry: Examining the Implications of a Transformative Year

Aside from the many socio economic disruptions over the last year, one of the greatest shifts affecting the net lease industry is the tax plan proposed by President-elect Joe Biden. With Democratic control over both Executive and Legislative branches, the likelihood of the tax plan being passed is imminent. In this session, industry leaders will discuss this and many other critical insights from market data and anecdotal experiences. 

Session takeaways: 

  • Possible impacts of new tax legislation with a focus on east coast markets
  • Cap rates  - what inning are we in?
  • Fallout of covid-19 on densely populated coastal markets

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM  |  Morning Networking Break

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM  |  Panel: Walking the Tightrope: How REITs are Mastering the Art of Reinvention

While office REIT stocks hit a high in November, inspired by hopes that new COVID-19 vaccines could bring workers back to physical office spaces sooner than expected, there is now an increased fear that work-from-home will become a more permanent substitute - at least until vaccine rollout picks up speed. This along with many largely populated eastern states remaining on stringent lockdowns, is proving to be challenging for REITs moving forward in 2021. However, with every challenge comes undiscovered opportunity, including increased footprint in suburban markets, medical/healthcare demands at an all-time high, and the increased need for industrial fulfillment space. This session will explore all this and more during a highly engaging and thought-provoking panel 

Session takeaways: 

  • Challenges for REITs in the Eastern Market
  • Growing sectors and sustainable opportunities
  • Shifting focusing to niche office players 


Join us for this 20 minute in-depth submarket case study, where our speakers will examine the impacts of the pandemic on the office sector, and what the road to recovery for this once leading sector might look like.


Join us for this 20 minute in-depth submarket case study, where our speaker will examine the impacts of the pandemic on the healthcare sector, and how this asset class has become one of the most sought-after investments.

12:25 PM - 1:30 PM  |  Networking Lunch

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM  |  Panel: Capital Markets Deep Dive

Throughout 2020, net lease managed to provide much needed stability in spite of a mostly volatile year. For many investors, the well performing sector became a sense of security that many other investment sectors failed to deliver. In the closing session,  hear from our experts as they explore the current capital markets trends and provide an outlook for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.


  • Elyssa K. McMullen, Senior Vice President, Prudential Private Capital
  • Damian Taylor, Managing Director, Arch Street Capital Advisors, LLC


Join us for this 20 minute in-depth submarket case study, where our speakers will examine the impacts of the pandemic on the retail sector, and will discuss untapped opportunities for future growth.


Join us for this 20 minute in-depth submarket case study, where our speakers will examine the impacts of the pandemic on the Industrial sector, and how ecommerce has catapulted industrial properties to a top asset class.

2:55 PM - 3:40 PM  |  The Rise of Sale-leasebacks: How This Niche Transaction Continues to Gain Traction

Sale-leaseback deals are becoming an increasingly popular investment opon as businesses struggle to stay afloat amid lockdowns and an unstable market. This session will explore emerging trends within the sale-leaseback sector and how owner/operators are leveraging the unique value proposition of a sale-leaseback 

Key takeaways: 

  • How sale-leaseback have become increasingly alluring through times of uncertainty 
  • Key markets to watchout for 
  • Avoiding the pitfalls


  • Josh Lewis, Senior Vice President of Acquisitions, National Retail Properties, Inc.
  • David Grazioli, Partner, US Realty Advisors LLC

3:40 PM - 4:10 PM  |  Afternoon Networking Break

4:10 PM - 4:55 PM  |  Panel: The Developers Power Hour

During this collaborative session, developers from across the net lease sector will come together to discuss the current landscape and development fundamentals right now. Who is growing? Who isn’t? Is there a shortage of inventory or an excess? Where are we at with distress rates and how can we leverage new opportunities in a changing marketplace? What does the future look like for developers and property owners moving forward? 


  • Mark Maughan, Head of Net Lease Investments, Sundance Bay
  • Rob Walters, Principal, Quattro Development

4:55 PM - 5:40 PM  |  Panel: Emerging Players: Exploring New Growth Opportunities in the Net Lease Sector

Across the net lease sector, a new strategy is emerging. The strategy is focused on single-tenant asset purchases, and in addition to some big box retailers deemed “essential”, much of the space involves smaller properties. These properties include daycares, car washes, medical buildings, automotive repair and grocery stores. This session will examine these growing markets and discuss the viability and sustainability of this strategy moving forward. 


Session takeaways: 

  • Assessing the market shift
  • Exploring emerging trends and honing in on future opportunities
  • Building a robust portfolio of essential businesses. The new normal of net lease 


  • Mervyn Alphonso, Senior Vice President & Partner, Anchor Health Properties
  • Max Jenkins Vice President, Investments Essential Properties Realty Trust