GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum Presents

Influencers in CRE Technology

Innovative technology has undeniably impacted each industry, globally, at a steady rate throughout recent years. Though advancements in commercial real estate technology have transpired slower when compared to other industries, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly propelled new, necessary innovations across the field.
Proving imperative to the industry in recent months, considering the shift to mandatory remote work, the industry’s technology has advanced across all fields and sectors thanks to the professionals whom have taken the opportunity to generate and implement improved processes.

Utilizing big data, artificial intelligence and smart mobility, commercial real estate professionals have furthered practices, encompassing digital lease transactions, virtual apartment tours, communication applications, flexible payment options, crowdfunding platforms, telehealth services, e-commerce fulfillment center tools and more.
Showcasing their technological expertise and their ability to quickly adapt to better assist companies in managing processes, these professionals have impacted the marketplace through new and/or improved technology applications.
For GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum’s next Influencer series, we are seeking to shine a spotlight on not only the pioneers who have made an impact with their individual efforts, but also the teams and entire organizations that have become critical to the industry.
Be it through their contributions to the industry, the vast successes they’ve racked up, or the innovations and best practices they’ve introduced to the business, these are commercial real estate’s Influencers in Technology.

Deadline is October 19, 2020

We will accept submissions as long as the form remains open.
For inquiries about this series or the selection process, that are not addressed here or on the FAQs page, contact Ingrid Tunberg.

What You Need to Know

  • You may nominate individuals, teams or organizations. If nominating individuals, please submit no more than five nominees per company. If nominating a team or company, please include only the names and titles of its leaders and key members. We encourage you to limit your entries to nominees who have made indelible impacts on the business.
  • Each submission for an individual nominee must include a professional headshot. Images must be in color, minimum 300 dpi files and in .jpg format. If you are unable to submit a photo, you will have the opportunity to do so upon notification of selection.
  • Final entries must be electronically submitted via the Nominate Now webpage (e-mail and fax are not acceptable). Late entries will not be considered.