Full Name
John Condas
Job Title
Allen Matkins
Speaker Bio
John Condas helps clients procure the federal, state, regional, and local government approvals they need to develop their real estate projects. He has successfully led legal due diligence and entitlement teams in nearly 200 jurisdictions and federal, state and regional agencies for industrial, residential, mixed use, office, entertainment, self-storage, cannabis cultivation, and other projects throughout California.

Proactive and Practical

John takes a practical approach to help his clients meet their business objectives, efficiently solve environmental and land use challenges, and advance their projects with minimal delays. Equally important, he ensures that their permits are legally defensible to reduce the risk of lawsuits, in particular those based on challenges from environmental groups and others claiming that projects do not meet California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements.

For a national developer, he oversaw land use entitlement and environmental permitting due diligence and entitlements for its extensive assets throughout Southern California. Similarly, he successfully guided more than 150 projects in Southern and Central California through the entitlement process for the country’s third largest home builder.
John Condas