Breakout Discussions
Date & Time
Monday, October 21, 2019, 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
(A) Industrial Spotlight: Will it Remain the Darling of CRE Sectors? The industrial sector has held a special place within the CRE sectors for the past few years. Join our breakout session as we dissect the industrial sector, deep dive, into the cap rate trends and forecast what will happen next to the darling of the CRE sectors.
(B) Unlocking the Global Value of Multi-Family Opportunities Multi-Family opportunities have enormous potential in driving future value on a global scale. Significant changes in location preferences, amenities and technology will inevitably shift global investments, but how can you stay ahead of the curve?
(C) Infrastructure & Transportation Overwhelming interest from the commercial real estate sector in infrastructure and transportation has blossomed in the last year. With trillions of investment being pumped into the market for upgrades and rebuilding, there will be plenty of opportunities as we approach 2020. New and exciting projects for infrastructure investors are multiplying, but what should your priorities?
(D) Operational Real Estate Evolution of the real estate market has beckoned in an era of alternative plays. From data centres and health-care facilities to student housing and senior facilities, there is an abundance of choices that signal a good return on investment.