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Lender Influencers in CRE Finance

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, lender activity in commercial real estate was prosperous among life insurers, banks, the GSEs and other alternative providers, such as REITs and debt funds. This robust activity, driven primarily by strong economic and commercial real estate fundamentals, came to a halt in early 2020 once the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Since then, the industry’s lending sources have shifted greatly. According to CBRE, in Q2 2020, banks captured more than 70% of loan originations in the previous quarter. In Q3 2020, life companies accounted for 22.5% of non-agency loan closings, and alternative lenders, including REITs, finance companies and debt funds, accounted for 34% of loan volume in Q3 2020.

While facing substantial challenges and tracking the ups and downs of the market, commercial real estate lenders are continuing to adjust strategies and proceed with caution. Now, commercial real estate lending markets are beginning to once again gain traction, largely due to the unrelenting efforts of the industry’s talented professionals. With this in mind, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is seeking to shine a spotlight on the lenders of CRE capital.

For GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum’s Lender Influencers in CRE Finance, we will profile not only individual pioneers whom have made an impact through their efforts, but also lender organizations and the teams within that have become critical to the industry.

Be it through their contributions to the industry, the vast successes they’ve racked up in completing deals, or the innovations and best practices they’ve introduced to the business, these are commercial real estate’s Lender Influencers in Finance.

Deadline is March 8, 2021

We will accept submissions as long as the form remains open.

For inquiries about this recognition, that are not addressed here or on the FAQs page, contact Ingrid Tunberg.

What You Need to Know

  • You may nominate individuals, teams or organizations. If nominating individuals, please submit no more than five nominees per company. If nominating a team or company, please include only leaders and key members. We encourage you to limit your entries to those who have made indelible impacts on the business.
  • Each submission for an individual nominee must include a professional headshot. Image must be in color, minimum 300 dpi files in .jpg format. If you are unable to submit a photo, you will have the opportunity to do so upon notification of selection.
  • Final entries must be electronically submitted via the Nominate Now webpage (e-mail and fax are not acceptable). Late entries will not be considered.