GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum Presents

CRE's Best Places to Work

During a time when companies have been required to evolve countless practices and implement new policies for continued success and a positive impact on the industry, companies have additionally worked harder than ever to ensure employee satisfaction and remain a credible place to work.

While transitioning to full online operations, shifting to remote work processes and re-imagining workplaces, certain companies have employed further attentiveness toward the well-being and success of employees. Earning a new respect from professionals, these companies have stayed on top of workforce trends and strived to accommodate staff through enhanced communication methods, transparent, long-term outlooks, innovative employee engagement programming and thoughtful, complimentary offerings.

As a trusted source of insight into the commercial real estate community, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum will recognize firms for their outstanding performance across areas, such as leadership quality, diversity initiatives, community outreach and family-friendly environments.

For our Best Places to Work in CRE series, we will identify and recognize the most respected, rewarding workplaces that achieve outstanding performance.

In order to determine what makes a workplace “the best” and offer results catered to the commercial real estate industry, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is accepting nominations on behalf of respected companies. We will base our selection on information and data collected from the viewpoint of satisfied employees.

The series is open to companies which operate in commercial real estate and related fields, as well as firms with broader operations and commercial real estate departments.

We will profile commercial real estate’s Best Places to Work in the March/April Leadership Issue of GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum.

The nomination deadline is December 14, 2020

We will accept submissions as long as the form remains open.

For inquiries about this series that are not addressed here or on the FAQs page, contact Ingrid Tunberg.

What You Need to Know

  • All participating firms will need a company official to complete the nomination form. Additional submission questions will need to be internally circulated to two full-time employees in entry-/mid-level and upper-level positions. For preparation purposes, you may utilize the downloadable submission form found on the series’ FAQs page.
  • Final entries must be electronically submitted via the Nominate Now webpage (e-mail and fax are not acceptable). Late entries will not be considered.

We will examine each company across three general fields:

Quality of Leadership and Organization

  • Management quality across all levels
  • Hiring practices and advancement opportunities
  • Support of alternative/flexible work
  • Institutional policies and priorities (i.e., focus on process vs intuition)
  • Availability of professional resources

Company Culture

  • Compensation, PTO and benefits
  • Support and training for professional development and personal growth
  • Employee work/life balance and wellness
  • Established diversity programs and community engagement programs

Overall Employee Trust and Satisfaction

  • Employee approval of the overall organization and work environment
  • Employee fulfillment in current role & responsibilities
  • Average employee tenure