Identifying the Neighborhood, Navigating the Regulations, and Securing the Funding: The Need to Know on Opportunity Zones
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Jill Homan H. Blair Kincer, MAI, CRE Ben Seigel Edward Smith
Since the opportunity zone program was announced in last year's Tax Cuts and Job Acts, the buzz has been non-stop within the CRE community. That is no surprise considering there were 8,700 designated communities. However, some zones stand out amongst the crowd. Hear from industry experts on how they define opportunity zones, determine the appropriate tax credits,  and avoid potential costly mistakes. Plus, once you have a plan- how do you make your project attractive to an opportunity fund and get deal flow moving? Our experts discuss what you need to know about opportunity zones whether their right here in Baltimore, a suburb of Chicago or in Downtown Los Angeles. Plus, what can be learned from pre opportunity zone projects like New York City's Hudson Yards or Boston's Hub on the Causeway?
A portion of this session will invite attendees to join the conversation via a guided opportunity zone and deal making roundtable discussions.
Jill Homan, President, Javelin 19 Investments
H. Blair Kincer, MAI, CRE, Partner, LEED Green Associate, Novogradac
Ben Seigel, Baltimore Opportunity Zones Coordinator, Baltimore Development Coordinator
Edward Smith, Opportunity Zones & Special Initiatives Manager, Invest Atlanta