Full Name
Sarah Malcolm
Job Title
Founder, EVP Managing Director
Quiet Valor
Speaker Bio
Sarah is the Founder, EVP Managing Director of Quiet Valor, an Ad Agency servicing companies within the Tech, BioTech, Real Estate and Healthcare Innovation space. She takes brands with zero traction and builds them into something incredible.

Sarah’s poured her energy into the companies she works with since her career started. For her, it’s not all about click-throughs and metrics. Behind every data point and every B2B relationship lies a person. Her embrace of the cutting-edge and ability to see how it enhanced human connections made Sarah one of the commercial real estate’s industry-leading digital marketing pioneers.

Named Top 25 of Women Founders in Commercial Real Estate, Sarah’s gift for building authentic relationships through the latest in digital marketing innovation that makes her a sought-after industry voice. Her passion for bringing together people in new ways is what has won her work awards and captured the attention of Forbes, where she is a Featured Contributor. She also founded #CREMarketing Call.

Outside of her work, Sarah is proud to be appointed Chief Lego Builder by her three little boys. Their infectious energy inspired her to create an emoji pack app called Bundle Of Emojoy that focuses on #Babylife. Her family also enjoys making music together.
Sarah Malcolm