Full Name
Billy Procida
Speaker Bio
Mr. William P. Procida, also known as Billy, is a Founder and Founding Principal at Procida Funding, LLC, Investment Arm. He is the President at Procida Funding & Advisors LLC. Mr. Procida is a Founder of Palisades Financial LLC and serves as its Advisor. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Palisades Financial LLC as well as a Principal of the Fund Manager. In this capacity, his responsibilities encompassed originations, structuring and business development. Prior to founding Palisades Financial, he had spent the previous 20 years as one of the most successful urban developers in New York City. During this period, as a principal of the Procida Organization, he developed over $500 million of award-winning residential and commercial projects. He built the White Beaches development project, which helped to transform the Bronx into a bustling neighborhood. He was directly responsible for developing 1674 Broadway, 67 Hudson Street and 181 Hudson Street, his first restructuring job. As well as the historic renovation of the 1904 Philly’s Metropolitan Opera House which is set to have it’s grand opening in December 2018.

Billy Procida has been honored by many prestigious Real Estate organizations including the Mid Bronx Desperado's Business Man of The Year Award in 1988; the American Jewish Congress Horace M. Kallen Award for outstanding community service in 1989; the NAHB3 Multi-Housing Division and Multi-Housing News Pillar of the Industry Award for Best Affordable Project in the United States in 1994; The Mortgage Bankers Association Man of the Year award in 1995; and the Associated Builders and Owners of Greater NY Developer of the Year Award in 1994.